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2024 Spring Tour Dates Announced!

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Tickets On Sale Now

April 4

Vancouver, BC

China Cloud Studios

April 5

Seattle, WA

Good Shepherd Chapel

April 7

Portland, OR

The Old Church

April 11

Los Angeles, CA

2220 Arts + Archives

April 12

Ojai, CA

Ojai Underground Exchange

April 13

Prescott, AZ

Art Hive

April 14

Tucson, AZ

Solar Culture Gallery

April 18

Santa Fe, NM

San Miguel Chapel

May 15

Minneapolis, MN


May 16

Madison, WI

Bur Oak

May 18

Milwaukee, WI

Out There Series

May 19

Chicago, IL

Epiphany Center for the Arts

Portal is an exploration of the seven centers of awakening. With violin- and viola-based compositions that move from intimate melodies to wide orchestral soundscapes, each track on the album represents an energy center in the body, a Chakra in Yogic philosophy, in which is held certain energies that we're either aware of or are in the dark about. The music represents the transmutation of those energies from darkness to light beginning in lower realm of the material plane, through the portal of the heart, and into the astral realm.

The first three pieces represent the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras and address some of the energies held in those areas. They are in the material plane. The fourth piece, Portal, is the Heart chakra and is the portal between the material and astral realm. Everything must pass through the heart in order to transcend to a higher plane. The fifth piece, Veritas, is the Throat chakra and addresses the Truth held in our voice. This is also the first Chakra in the astral plane. The sixth piece, Conical Visions, goes through the sixth and seventh Chakras, which are the Third Eye Chakra (knowledge, visions, Gnosis) and the Crown Chakra (The All, Anima Mundi, final transcendence into vibration and light). The journey closes with the melody that was heard on the first piece (Arise) and therefore brings us full circle back to the beginning. Having gone through all the seasons, we arise and begin again with the wisdom that no energy is created or destroyed, but rather it evolves in ever moving circles.

In addition to a physical album release, I worked with Vermont-based artist Kylie Dally of Potions Press to create limited edition art to accompany the album. Kylie created a set of six illustrations, one for each track on the album. Each illustration was hand carved on a woodblock and printed with oil-based black ink on wildcrafted, handmade lokta paper. The beautiful prints are 5” squares and look great framed individually or as a set. We present to you a limited edition run of 25, available on my bandcamp page. A digital copy of the album accompanies your purchase.

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