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To Begin again. And again.

In Vipassana meditation, there is a common instruction for when the mind has wandered off into thought, as it so often does. That instruction is "return again to the breath." Through this process of returning again and again to the steadiness of our breath from the slippery, wandering thought patterns we are all drawn to, we begin to open up to a greater awareness of the inconstant nature of the thinking mind. I have begun to build a website at least a half dozen times over the past too many years. And each beginning has found it's end in an unsatisfactory deleting of everything that was built, and a long period of avoidance and denial of the pain and self-judgement of not having a website. And then repeat. And repeat.

But now, my friends, I have once again returned to the starting point and have seen it through to a reasonable completion and I now present to you: a website! And it's first blog post. So here now is a hub to present my creative work in my own little corner of the internet. And as I begin again, it will not be from the beginning, but from a grounded space that I may call home.

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