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An holistic approach to music lessons that guides the student toward individual creative expression in melody, rhythm, and harmony. 

Classes are intended to be attended on an ongoing basis. Agreement to a commitment is important for both the student and the teacher.

Classes are offered both online, and in-person in Portland, OR.

I offer one introductory lesson, after which, if we decide to continue, I ask for a month's commitment of weekly lessons. Beyond the first month, I operate on the academic calendar, with commitment to one full Trimester (Jan-May, June-Aug, Sep-Dec).




Introductory Lesson (40 minutes)



One Class (60 minutes)



One Month of Weekly Classes

$75 / class


*All classes are one hour long, except for the introductory lesson, which is 40 minutes.

*Payments are due by the day of the lesson, or first lesson of the month for monthly payment.




I use the Calendly Calendar app, which syncs to all other calendar apps. 


After the introductory lesson, I ask that we find a time to meet that works every week. That will be your time slot. If we need to change it, that is fine, but if it is changing every few weeks, we will need to discuss how to find something more consistent.




More than 24 hours: 

Please reschedule the lesson on the app within the same calendar month billing cycle. 

Less than 24 hours: 

Please message me with possible reschedule times the same week, based on openings in the calendar. If there is an open time, I will change it on the calendar. Otherwise, there is no refund for the canceled lesson. 

Schedule A Lesson

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