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Three Part Harmony

Back in Los Angeles in early August the neighborhood birds are not as active as when I left on the last day of May. Before I left, this is what I heard:



A sparrow hops along the edge of a rooftop

with the inertia of a pebble skipping over a glass lake.

The wind meets a tree and it’s branches sway

greeting the wind with spinning leaves

and together,

wind and tree,

they sing.

The sparrow listens and hops once more

this time off of the rooftop into the arms of the wind

and together,

sparrow and wind,

they sing.

The sparrow lands on the swaying branch,

mid duet with the wind,

and the branch sways with the inertia from the sparrow

and together,

in three part harmony,

tree, wind and sparrow,

they sing.

I sit up and look around

curious if there are others in the audience.

I see a man pushing a stroller,

a woman delivering food,

a young couple

walking hand-in-hand.

It seems that no one else

caught the show.

I feel the wind stop

and I look up at the branch.

The sparrow is gone.

And yet I hear singing still.

I look back toward the street

and together

a man, a woman, and a young couple


I smile,

sip the last of my coffee,

and walk inside my apartment,




©2020 Gregory Allison

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