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The second installment of the Music In The Natural World video series. This tune, called Arise, is one from my upcoming solo album. The place is a lovely trail in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park that descends down to the ocean. Enjoy this peaceful golden morning tune!

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  • Writer's pictureGregory Allison

Driving down the 101 from Tillamook to Los Angeles I stopped in Yachats for an inspired improvisation with the waves.

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  • Writer's pictureGregory Allison

I'm out in Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, recording in the old bunkers of Fort Worden State Park. The fort was built in the early 20th century and has been abandoned and converted into a state park and a playground for sonic explorers like myself. The dozens of underground bunkers each offer a unique sound experience rich in reverb and warm, rolling echoes. With my mobile recording unit I'm capturing the sounds of metal, concrete, wood, and water, and also using my violin to show off the rich sonic architecture of the bunkers. My favorite is a U-Shaped bunker that that is approximately 100 yards from end to end. The way that sound rolls through the length of the U reminds me of the sound of thunder rolling across great canyons, expanding as it moves through space, propelled by the walls of the canyons. This place is special and endlessly inspiring.

the U bunker

recording inside the U

each room offers a unique sonic experience

finding sounds in the metal latches and squeaky hinges

down down down in search of the tones of the underground

a room with a view

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