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11/9/20 everyone doing nothing together

Nothing ever happens. Or, rather, it is always happening. And so nothing can happen while it is happening because it- whatever that is- would have to stop happening for it to happen and it never stops happening. So that's all there is. Sometimes it's enthralling. Sometimes boring. Sometimes agitating. There doesn't seem to be anything in particular to DO. Everything is taken care of. Am I completely crazy?! Am I just so far distanced from society that I actually believe there's nothing to do when everyone else seems to be running around and DOING all the time? I mean, what is this? What have I gotten into? Pleasure seeking, waiting for the future to come, satiating cravings: it's all a drag. The only redeeming feeling comes from knowing that so many others are doing it too. Or not doing it. That is the part that makes it worthwhile: everyone doing nothing together. What a trip.

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